Kocurek Koala Choir
Expectations and Requirements


Rehearsals are held on Thursdays from 3:00pm-4:00pm.   Students should report directly to the Music Room.  It is essential that every choir member attend all rehearsals and be punctual.  Students MUST be picked up by 4:10pm.  This is non-negotiable and can result in a choir member being removed from the choir program.



We depend on everyone to attend ALL rehearsals.  Please avoid scheduling appointments (doctor, dentist, etc.) on Thursdays, if possible.  If you know you will be absent or need to leave early, please drop Mr. VandeWalle a note ahead of time.  If you are ill and miss school, you are excused from choir and should stay home and get well!   Whenever possible, a note stating the nature of your absence is helpful.  Excessive absences (3 or more) can result in removal from the choir group.



Choir members are expected to have good citizenship at all times; during the school day, during rehearsals, and during performances.  As a member of the Koala Choir each student is expected to be a student leader in and out of the classroom. More information on Behavior Expectations can be found in the Koala Choir Handbook.



Choir members are expected to turn in all necessary forms/permission slips, etc. on time. There is a designated box in the music room for all choir related papers and information.   Please DO NOT turn in choir forms to homeroom teachers!  This includes notes for absences and practice cards.  Students who are absent from choir practice are expected to find out what they missed.  Choir "business" should be taken care of outside of your daily music time, preferably before or after school.   Choir members are also expected to come to each rehearsal prepared and with their choir materials.  Any student who has lost his/her music will be responsible for replacing the music themselves.  Music can be downloaded through the

Choir Members Portal Here.

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