Auditions for the Kocurek Koala Choir are open to all students in 3rd-5th Grades.  Students will sing the audition selection in the link below for their audition.  The practice link includes the lyrics to practice with. For the audition, students will sing with just the instrumental track.  Audition judges will be a select panel of teachers at Kocurek.  Mr. VandeWalle is NOT a judge. The auditions will be scored on pitch accuracy, rhythmic accuracy, dynamics (volume), and overall preparedness.  There are a limited number of positions for the Koala Choir roster.  Students that are not initially selected are put on a reserve list.  Students on the reserve list can be given a spot when and if a spot opens and becomes available.


All families are expected to be familiar with the choir handbook.  The link to the handbook is located below.  This handbook contains a lot of information in regards to expectations, practice cards, concert uniform, and other topics.  Complete schedules for rehearsals and concert times are also included.  If a student is selected to the choir program, it is understood that the student and families agree and support the guidelines as presented in the handbook.

If you have any questions please contact Mr. VandeWalle by email at

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